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What to do when PC is not functional?

….. I guess?

I will fail so bad. xD


people who try to befriend artists for free art


Oh….god…anything but this. xD

Alright then, i will go with the Cooler Master one then.I ll order it tonight, so it will arrive as soon as possible.

Once again, Thank You so much for all of you who helped me out!
You are all awesome! ^^

Alright, i have spotted 2 types as of yet.

Cooler Master 600W Elite Power Black RS600-ACABM4-WB


Corsair CX 430W CP-9020046-EU

But i think a 600w should be more efficent since i have a Sapphire 7750 1gb Gddr5 video card, 4 G ram, and a 3.2 Ghz 2Core Amd CPU.


I have seen some products with 4+4 pin atax cables, is that compatible with an only 4 pin input?

When i tested my other power supply it did not have a 4 pin cable aside from the 24 pin one, so i left it be, and when i turned the pc on, the cpu fan did not spin.

Also, my motherboard has a seperate power input for the cpu (ATX or P4, whatever its called) Does this mean i have a limited type of P supplies which i can coose from?

Forced hiatus. -.-

Okay, so as you have seen, my power supply died today.
I do have a spare one, which i tested if the system works properly, but sadly it is not sufficent enough for me to be able to work flawlessly.

This forcea me to buy a new one, obviously.

Problem is, i already have a few picturs to finish, so as it seems, i wont be able to draw until i get a new power supply installed.

Until that, i will be available here, via my tablet, if any of you are curious.

Thank You for all those who sent helpfull tips and hints about this issue tonight, i am grateful that people like you follow me! ^^
Also, do you have any recommendations on what brand or type of P supply should i buy, which is relyable of course.

Alright, i have plugged in my spare power supply, it turned on immidiatelly.
Oh well it seems i have to buy a new one. X.x

I want you to continue being the best that you can be, pushing yourself and putting your best foot forward no matter what anyone else says. I want you to know that I and many others believe in you and wish to see you be the best you can be.

Thank You very much for the good words! ^^

I do think it is the power supply, because everything was fine in the morning.
I have a spare power supply, i will try to install that and see if it works with that.

Alright, i tested a few hardwares if they would be the cause, but the video card, and the rams i have are fine.I also removed the cmos battery, but that seems fine also.Only cpu or power supply remains.

Pc why do you die on me?

Alright, so my computer decided to die on me for some reason this afternoon, while i cleaned it out.

It turns on for a brief second, the fans start then all the sudden the power goes out.

Alright, time to level up my computer fixing skills. X.X